Keyword Blocks

What to do:

This can be an individual, paired, group or class activity!

Depending on ability/topic of class- students are asked to draw a grid on A3 paper? In their books? 

E.G- 5 x 5- which makes 25 boxes. (I would use this for an A level Class- 50 Mark A2 Law question- 25Ao1 marks!)

Students are then asked to- All tasks must be timed!

  • Write in small writing a heading- a Keyword/Key point.
  • Then students swap their grids and another student has to define one row/columns keywords.
  • Swap until all are complete.
  • When the original student gets back their grid they should double check all keywords have the correct definitions.

I would then ask students to use all these keywords for a 50 mark essay question? This could be the preparation for their question… or a way of drawing out information from a model answer?


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Dot Marking by


A coloured pen

What to do:

When students are completing whatever task you have asked them to do, simply go round to their exercise book/worksheet/task and place a dot next to a mistake.
Just one simple dot next to the mistakes.

The aim is for the students to figure out what their mistake is and for the whole marking process to be speeded up for teachers.


Get students peer assessing using the dot marking method too. 

RAG rating dot marking- red, amber, green dots. Red- mistake, amber- could be better, green- spot on?