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Sequencing Cups

Students are given a text summary on stages of the death of a star.  They then add key points to polystyrene cups and then stack them in order of importance.Cups 2

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Give students a piece of text or some resources in order to challenge themselves and reinforce in their knowledge.

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Open Me Displays – Tarrs Toolbox

When producing a display poster summing up several ideas, students should identify a ‘cover image’ for each main part of the  piece. This should be ‘lifted up’ to expose the written detail. See the image for an idea of how this works.

Taking it further: An even simpler method is to take a piece of A4, fold it in half to create a greeting card, and place the image on the front with the written information inside. I have done this when Year 8 researched the origins of superstitions: a bold illustration on the front (e.g. of a four leafed clover) and an explanation on the front. A class collection of these forms a good display.



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